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Dimineata acasa – #momenteautentice

Acasa petrecem cele mai frmoase clipe impreuna. Acasa este locul in care ne simtim in sguranta, unde ne putem relaxa in autenticitatea noastra. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————–   Home is where we spend the best time together, home is where we feel safe so we can relax and be our genuine self.      

Lunch – #momenteautentice

Momentele cele mai simple creaza amintri ce dainuie. ——————————————————- The simplest moments create lasting memories .        

Despre copii si catei

  Exista o conexiune imediata intre copii si catei – o privire si stiu cand incepe distractia sau cand o simpla plimbare este la fel de plina de bucurie ca cea mai tare harjoneala. Children and dogs have instant connection- just by looking at each other know when fun it’s about to start or when  a simple walk  is as joyous as the best gambol. .            

Despre arici si copii

 Copiii simt o bucurie nemarginita atunci cand intalnesc pentr prima data un animal salbatic si reusesc sa il atinga. Se simt puternici si au o mai buna intelegere a naturii si a rolului lor in natura.                 

Coming of winter – in satul meu (1)

Winters in Malini are quiet. Beautiful quiet! So quiet that the wind will be the music, that wood burning in the stove will create the rhythm , that snow crunching under your feet will tell the story of your day. And you… can hear children playing, dogs hauling in the night , early morning Sundays church bells singing and, your thoughts!. And now you have time to be, just be.                            […]

Through the magnifying glass – Spring

A walk – Sheepscombe

  Quentessentilly Cotswold they say about  Sheepscombe. I say is peaceful, one of those places that you will go to rest and  think.          

Sence of space (1)

Evening light

One of those perfect mornings

Once in a while we all have a perfect morning,the light is perfect, the coffee tastes good, the child is playing beautifully and that pace surrounds you. Mornings like this fills your soul with energy, give you the power to do more, remind you why living is so beautiful.                

When Mara met Juno

Mara loves dogs and she loves Sarah too. Now Sarah has a dog and Mara loves her even more.