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Dimineata acasa – #momenteautentice

Acasa petrecem cele mai frmoase clipe impreuna. Acasa este locul in care ne simtim in sguranta, unde ne putem relaxa in autenticitatea noastra. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————–   Home is where we spend the best time together, home is where we feel safe so we can relax and be our genuine self.      

Lunch – #momenteautentice

Momentele cele mai simple creaza amintri ce dainuie. ——————————————————- The simplest moments create lasting memories .        

Sence of space (1)

Evening light

One of those perfect mornings

Once in a while we all have a perfect morning,the light is perfect, the coffee tastes good, the child is playing beautifully and that pace surrounds you. Mornings like this fills your soul with energy, give you the power to do more, remind you why living is so beautiful.                

Flying with the best Sarah!

  I know a woman, almost like everybody else but with some small differences. What makes her different is not her beauty, career, smartest, inventions but the way she makes others feel, her stories and the way she lets you be who you are just by being who she is. You may say is nothing special in that, so why write about it? Why should it be special ? Why couldn’t it be ordinary? Why ordinary people can’t be in […]